tamper resistant sensor nodes

TAMPRES has been finished

At the end of 2013 the FP7 project TAMPRES has been finished after 39 months. The project results were presented in the final review in February 2014. In the Technical Review Report was resumed:

“The final review confirmed that the project has achieved all objectives set out in the DoW [Description of Work]. Notably, two versions of hardware chips with improved tamper resistance were produced and underwent preliminary tests. The final results are of good quality. This judgement applies, in equal measures, to the abovementioned hardware, the cryptographic algorithms, the design methodology, the testing, measurement and scanning procedures, and software solutions supporting trusted bootstrapping and execution. The work that was carried out during this period as well as the results correspond to the DoW.

All planned objectives were achieved. Dissemination and exploitation activities have been boosted, resulting in some 20 publications and 2 patents. During the review, the project has presented several options for exploiting its results. In most parts, these options appear to be realistic, in particular for the chip manufacturers and the developers of sensor net solutions.”